Great Lakes Merfolk

Bootstrap Themes A quick note – Freediving is the sport at the center & base of our sport. In my personal opinion & advice -not the advice of any doctor or scientific professional for all legal purposes- if you want to be a better mermaid, become a better freediver.

Welcome to our Cove of the Internet! We are a Community of Hobbyist & Professional Mermaids Throughout The Great Lakes States & Province Regions. This page was built to provide an all in one resource as an extension of our community. Whether you consider yourself a professional or a hobbyist; our goal is to help you grow & connect with your local pods; as well as succeed in your personal mermaid goals & journey. From finding your local pods to getting started in the hobby, where to purchase a tail to how to enjoy mermaiding safely as a hobbyist. I am also working on a Mermaid Creators/Supplies listing, as well as a list of resources for those interesting in pursuing it at a professional level.

Find Your Local Pod- Michigan is large & the regions that connect to the Great Lakes even larger. To assist with finding your local pods, swim meet ups & connect with other merfolk we have broken Michigan into pod regions. This allows us to have friends & swim meets without everyone feeling they need to drive 5+ hours to get to the states only meets.
Where To Buy- From beginner & children tails, to hobbyist & professional tails, these are the various resources to purchasing equipment from.
Safety & Training- Water can be very dangerous, as anyone knows. Here is a resource listing of various levels of safety courses & further training to keep you, your pod, friends, & family safe during your mermaiding adventures.
Creators Supplies- Where to purchase & what to purchase to make your own mermaid creations from tops & crown to tails & accessories.
Professional Resources- Insurance, Licensing, Branding, Marketing, Training to take your career to the next level.

I am not an end all say all expert on this hobby or profession. I am also not the first to state I firmly believe that there is always room for learning & growth no matter what level. This being said if you feel information is incorrect on any of these pages please reach out to me via the facebook group &/or private message so that we can correct/add things.