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About Us

We have a total of 9 separate Pod Chapters here in Michigan. The leaders of these Chapters can be thought of as our right hand helpers or the different matriarchs of many related Orca pods. They search for, call, & organize swim locations in their local area, hold swim meets & group gatherings.

Ambassadors help direct new mers in their region find local mermaids to swim with. These are NOT pod leaders with in these state. Our community only manages Michigan’s Mermaid Pods. We stand as a connection point to pods in each Great Lakes State & Province regions. State ambassadors help connect everyone to their states local established pods.

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Our Pods

Mermaid pods bring together enthusiasts who share common interest in mermaiding and related activities.

Our pod meets range in size from just a few members to 20-30 mers on average. Some pods are more focused on the performance aspect of mermaiding, while others are more focused on social and recreational aspects. Pods organize regular swimming sessions and events, such as mermaid-themed parties and photo shoots.

In addition to swimming and performing, members of a mermaid pod may also engage in other activities such as crafting, costume design, and community outreach. Some mermaid pods even have their own code of conduct and ethical guidelines, such as promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

Joining a mermaid pod can be a great way to connect with other mermaid enthusiasts and to further explore the world of mermaiding. However, as with any group or community, it is important to do your research and ensure that the pod aligns with your personal values and interests.